Phones and More Announced at Samsung Unpacked 2020

Phones and More Announced at Samsung Unpacked 2020

We are surrounded by technology. You will find technology in almost everything. From smart houses to smartwatches we are almost live along with technology every minute of our life. One of the common examples of technology which is like a daily need for everyone is a smartphone. Smartphones have become an integral part of our life. One can not imagine even a single day without their smartphone. It is like a much-needed dose everyone needs. You will find many options available in the market from there you can choose what type of smartphone you want what will be suitable for your work. Every smartphone has some of its unique features by which it is known all over the world. Their specifications change over a period of time. New smartphones being launched by many smartphone manufacturers to maintain their status they have made after years-long hardship.

In this, we are going to discuss the new launches smartphone giant Samsung has released in a new showcase named Samsung Unpacked 2020. They have released some of their new smartphone models and Samsung’s earbuds. Earbuds have gained popularity in no time. Many manufacturers have already released their earbuds and now Samsung will join the battlefield with its new earbuds.

Samsung, in their showcase, has officially announced that they are going to launch their foldable smartphone named Samsung galaxy Z flip. This type of smartphone, which can be folded, was released earlier by another smartphone manufacturer, Motorola. Samsung has also released its kind. The new thing in the launch was the new Galaxy S20 series. This series will have smartphones that are now much more upgraded and suitable for this new generation which has new demands. Un these smartphones you are going to notice that some serious work has been done on camera. Then comes the new Galaxy Buds+. An improvement on their very new earphone which will be wireless.

Let us discuss each of them briefly. This will give us some idea about the smartphone and their features.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

There were a lot of rumors about this smartphone and it’s become like a real thing when it’s commercial was seen at the Oscars. Now, it is finally ready to be in the market stating rumors right. This is not the first time Samsung has made a foldable phone. Galaxy Fold was the one of its kind but, it used to be folded vertically but Galaxy Z Flip will be horizontally foldable and people are more excited about it.

The details of this smartphone are just based on the rumors. No official details have been given about this smartphone. Recently a specification of this smartphone has been leaked. This states that the smartphone will be able to open in every angle just like a laptop do. Thus will be going to help in typing. Whether you are commenting on any post or chatting with your friend it is going to be easier. It will also help to shoot some of your hand free selfie as it’s base will act as a stand so you do not have to take it in your hand while clicking some selfies.

  1. Display: 6.7-inch OLED
  2. Cameras: 10MP (selfie), 12MP (wide), and 12MP (ultra-wide)
  3. Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+
  4. RAM: 8GB
  5. Battery: 3,300mAh
  6. Price: $1,380
  7. Available: Friday, February 14th

These are the other features this smartphone will have.

Samsung Galaxy S20 series

Under these series 3 smartphone has been shown. Galaxy S20, S20 Plus, and S20 Ultra are those 3 smartphones of the S20 series. All of them are having some good features especially the camera. S20 and S20 plus have all the features the same except the battery life. They have a 64MP telephoto lens. You can zoom upto 30X to get a crystal clear photograph. It’s the camera will also allow you to record video in 8K quality.

S20 Ultra is advanced than the other 2 phones of this series. It has a bigger screen, bigger battery life and also a higher price. This is a power-packed phone in this series. Its a camera is unbelievable. You can zoom upto 100X on it and will still get a clear photo. It’s like a dream phone of every content creator. It’s 108MP wide lens camera is unbelievable.

Samsung Galaxy Buds+

After the smartphones came the earbud. Some of its main features are it’s 22 hours long battery life once fully charged, 3 mics instead of 2 for better quality calling in noisy areas, 40% bigger speaker to enhance the sound quality and much more.

The Galaxy Buds+ will be equipped with some exclusive Spotify features. Just a long press and you will get recommendations from the music provider just for you. The buds are also compatible with iOS so you do not have to take AirPod if you also have an iPhone.

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