Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, and Xiaomi to Create Play Store Alternative

Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, and Xiaomi to Create Play Store Alternative

Smartphone manufacturers always try something new for their costumers. They look for new technologies and applications through which they can make a good impression on the buyers so that they feel good about their phone and will surely buy the smartphone of the same manufacturers. Every person have different needs as well as wants. Some wants their phone to last longer, some wants to have a large storage, some wants to have a great camera and the needs goes on and on. People have now become very attached to their smartphones.

Many well known smartphone manufacturers have started to become self independent. Most of them have introduced their own operating system. Most of them are Chinese company. They have tried to give their costumers a brand new experience. The new experience should be different and much more interesting for the costumers. They should feel something new about this technology then only the change will be better. If the change suits the costumers then it will be success for the manufacturers. As it is costumers which matters a lot for any smartphone manufacturers. Time is changing and the manufacturers are trying to make something new every time for their costumers.

Big Chinese smartphone manufacturers have now taken a step further to build a new app store for their smartphones. Android’s play store is the biggest app purchasing platform in the world right now. Chinese giants like Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, and Xiaomi are now discussing among themselves to launch a better alternative of android’s play store. The team appointed for this task is known as the Global Developer Service Alliance (GDSA). The Chinese giants will have their own app store and all of them will standardize each of them. This does not mean that the developers have to make different apps for different manufacturer’s app store. One app will be suitable for each of their app store. They have to make their app store a bit more attractive and easy. They will surely give a good challenge to the giant Google.

Several talks have been held on this. Many people have their own thinking behind this. Some says that this is a revenge of Huawei against the Google while some says that this is just a start of Chinese company in order to take over the world to spread their techniques and technology.

Why there is need of GDSA

There are 2 main reasons behind this.

First, the Chinese government has banned Play store in their country. This is due to the Chinese government’s censorship measures which ban all the Google products and it’s services. Android have their program named Open Source Product. This is not owned by the Google and it is free for everyone one. Developers are using this stage to make their app for the people.

Second, this is considered to be most important reason. US government have banned the Huawei to use Google products and services all around the world. This has created a new problem for the smartphone giant as now none of their smartphones will be able to use play store. Many reviewers have putted their smartphones in category of “the best phone you shouldn’t buy.”

How significant its role will be for the company

If GDSA somehow became successful then it is going to be hard to defeat for Android as it will become a great challenge for the Android specially in Asia. If we compare the market share of these smartphone manufacturers it shares around 40 per cent of the total smartphone market. In North America there is only 5 percent of the market share. In America and Europe, where smartphone market is stagnant, GDSA will not have much impact here. But, in Asia where smartphone market is growing day by day, there is a better chance for GDSA to make an impact here.

Many experts stated that in future the consumers will be divided into two categories one will be US dominant while other will be Chinese dominant. The Asia side will be much more Chinese dominant while region around America and Europe will be much more US dominant.

How will it be different from play store

At that time, we can not tell about how will it look or what will be it’s design. It will depend mostly on the types of apps developers will develop for this app. But, it seems logical that the GDSA will be based in Android Open Source project. This will make work easier for the developers and more and more companies will develop for this system.

There is some geopolitical issues. There is chances that US companies will be prevented from collaboration with the Chinese company. If this happen, this will deepen the rift between US and China.

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