France Fines Apple $27 Million for Slowing Old iPhones

France Fines Apple $27 Million for Slowing Old iPhones

In today’s world, you will rarely find a person who does not have a smartphone. Even kids of this generation have a smartphone for their use. It has became a part of everyone’s life. There are lot of options available outside. You cna find smartphone having very less price and some of them will cost you more than a desktop set. But, still people buy them as epr their wish. Having a branded smartphone is considered as a mark of wealthy. People generally buy the smartphone just by seeing the brand name on it and does not even care about the performance of that phone. All they want is so called status in this society where you are being judged in the basis of your look and what you wear and what you have.

There are plenty of smartphone manufacturers in the market. Most of them are here just for the profit and does not care about their smartphone’s performance. There are a lot of brand who make high end phones which pays the price you have spent to buy it.

There has been news which says that the smartphone manufacturing companies are using tactics and other things to fool their costumers. Recently in France, it’s consumer watchdog have decided to fine Apple with 27 million dollars. The fine has been put on as according to them, the manufacturers have been slowing down their people’s smartphone intentionally. The incident was very shameful for the manufacturers. This fine is the result of years-long investigation held by the consumer watchdog of France.

Apple had made a decision few years back. They have throttled their smartphone’s peak performance by adding older batteries inside of it. This may seems a bit fair but, what they did is they did not tell their consumers about it. This is like cheating on their costumers and now France is making them to pay the price of it.

Things Apple found to be guilty of

According to the the brand, in the new OS update of their Apple smartphone which was launched in December 2017, there are some new updates which will slow down the performance of their older smartphones. What happened to the older phones is that they are now not able to handle the power. It shuts down even when there is a lot of battery available.

Apple’s team have told the reason behind this. They said that this step is taken as there are some complaints have been reported against the lithium ion battery they use in their smartphones. But, what considered to be the big mistake of the giant is not giving any information about this to their costumers. They should have been told to their costumers that it is not their smartphones which have to be changed rather, it is old battery which should be changed to make your phone as it was.

Apple apologized right after this. They have decided to give their affected costumers a bettery replacement in the reduced rate of just 29 dollars. They have also given a new feature named “Battery health” which will tell their costumers about their phone’s full strength.

Even after this apology and steps Apple have taken France does not look satisfied. Their consumer watchdog stated “We know that some of you feel Apple has let you down” and it says it all.

What is the Ruling

The General Directorate for Competition Policy, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control, or DGCCRF, which is the consumer watchdog agency of France, started their research in back 2018. After year- long research they have given the judgement. In this, judge have decided to fine the giant with 27 million dollars and order of a press release of their wrong doing should be available on their website.

Since, people can not reverse their iOS update, they have no other option than returning their phone to a more functional condition. Apple have launched it’s new iOS uodate which will enable the user to reverse the battery throttling feature in their phone. This paltry fine will not going to affect the wealth of this giant having a 1.3 trillion dollars value. In December 2019, it became the first ever company to cross the mark of 1 trillion.

It is not only France which have fined this giant. There are other countries also which seems to be unhappy with the Apple new features. Italy also fined Apple for slowing their smartphones. US based class action suits is also a big thing to worry about for Apple as it has been happening from years and no results have been given out on this issue. In just April 2018, 61 complaints have been consolidated by a judicial panel. The complaint have dropped since then but the worry is continuing for the Apple and they have to take a serious step to get rid of this complaint.

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