Apple Announces Maps Overhaul for US Users

Apple Announces Maps Overhaul for US Users

Smartphones are very important in this world. We almost do all the things through our smartphone. More and more technology is blooming into this world. All this technology is for human beings so that they can live their life easily and efficiently. We are surrounded by smart house, smartphone, smart vehicles and many more. Sooner our world as a whole will become totally dependent on technology foe thwur every need. This is what we are going to see in future. As the generation passes new and advance generations are taking over the world. They handle technology much better than us.

Smartphone for example have appeared as a much needed technology human need. There are lots of smartphone manufacturers. Every company is good in something. Sony is well known for it’s camera while Apple is known for its consumer’s personal data stored in their devices. Apple have made an advanced level status in the smartphone market. It is the brand of luxury. People love to buy their smartphones and it is like a big thing if you have Apple smartphone known as iphone. There are something new features also which makes it different from others.

Google map is the app which every person has used at least once. It is very useful for the strangers who usually come to explore places. Google maps help them to reach their destination. Apple on the other hand, have their own app for map in their iphone. But, it is not as competitive as it should be. It is not so good as compared to the Google map. But now the wait is ending. Apple is coming with their new map with some changes and advancements. This could give Google map a tough competition.

When Apple launches its map named Apple map, people was not so happy with it. It’s reviews was horrible. People stated that Apple’s mapping system was not so good and accurate which makes it unworthy to use. People who was loyal to this brand even they was not happy with the map. There was report of incomplete addresses, lack of changing to transit route and other significant flaws made it’s use uncomfortable for the people.

After 8 years, Apple is going to dig in to this problem and will come.uo with a new and better replacement for their older app.

Apple Maps makeover

In a recent blog of Apple, officials have announced that in their renewed Maps will have a comprehensive view of their cities. Some new features will also be available. People will have a very new and exciting experience while using Apple Maps.

The giant is adding some new features to give a tough competition to Google map and a better experience to their consumers. In this app you will have option of Look Around feature which will give a better look of the streets. This will challenge the street view of Google map.

Your collections will have resturant, ATMs, shops and venues you have visited or you liked. One unique feature is also available which will give their users an advantage of using all of the things in map without even signing up in the app.

Will Apple Maps be enough to compete with the Google Maps

After all these changes and advancements still Apple will not be able to overpower the world wide popular Google map. Google maps have become so popular and is in the market from decade and very popular among people. Apple will surely make a twist so that it can bring back to itself.

“We set out to create the best and most private maps app on the planet that is reflective of how people explore the world today,” said Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of Internet Software and Services, in the post.

Apple will give privacy a major role in its app. People are now very concerned about their privacy. 74 percent of America’s population does not involve in online activities for privacy reasons. Apple will take this as opportunity and will try to attract people by keeping their privacy secret.

Still it is going to be difficult for the Apple Maps to steal the popularity and people who rely on Google maps.

When Apple Maps will be available

It will come out sooner for the people of United States and for the rest of the world, you’ll have to wait a bit longer. The app will first come in United States and then it will be available for the rest of the world. Europe will be the first to get this app after United States. There will be some time for the people and in that time they can get reviews of the app from the people of United States and after which they can decide if they will use it or not.

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